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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Shell Shock of World War 1 double click to change this header text! Taking a closer look at the psychological aftermath of war In 1916, Shell Shock was considered a physical injuryinstead of psychological damage(Wessely,1641) The Steel helmet hadn't beenintroduced until 1916(Wessely,1641) 50-60% of Soldiers were thrown from exploding shells on the Front Lines(Wessely,1641) The word "Shell-Shock" was first published onFebruary 1915 by CaptainC.S Myers (Wessely,1641) Shell shock wasn't considereda serious issue due to severe infections spreading throughMedical Camps (Wessely,1642) 10% of British Casualties suffered from shell shock(Wessely,1642) Men experiencing Shell Shock wouldhave muscle spasmsor stiffness in the samearea of the body they had killed an enemy(Bourke,1) Men not on thefront lines experiencedShell Shock justlike the men on the front lines did(Bourke,1) 4/5 of the Mendiagnosed with shell shock inWW1 were unableto return to duty(Bourke,1) ParalysisDeafnessSpeechlessnessArthritisMuscle SpasmsFearDisgustFatigueDeliriumSuicidal ThoughtsStammering(Begley,1) Symptoms of Shell Shock Shell Shock was recognizedas a mental problem rather than a physical one in 1917(Wessely,1642) Women In Britain sufferedfrom a type of "Shell Shock"called "Air Raid Shock" afterthe 1915 Air Raid (Begley,1) The German's believedShell Shock meantthat the men were tooweak to be in the war(Wessely,271) The number of Shell ShockVictims sky rocketed between1916 and 1917(Wessely,271) Edgar Jones, Ph.D., D.Phil, Nicola T. Fear, D.Phil., & Simon Wessely, M.D. (November 2007) Reviews and Overviews.Shell Shock and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Historical View, 1641-1642. Retrieved from Hannah Groch-Begley (September 8, 2014)The Forgotten Female Shell Shock victims of World War.The Atlantic 1-2. Retrieved from Simon Wessely,(April 2006) Twentieth-century Theories on Combat Motivation and Breakdown. Journal of Contemporary History, 41, 269-286. Retrieved from Professor Joanna Bourke, 2011-03-10, Shell Shock During World War One, BBC, retreieved from Fionnuala Barrett, Perspectives on ShellShock, World War I Centenary Continuations and Beginnings, Retrieved from
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