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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Women's Rights: Why Does Gender Inequality Exist? Humanity has always been fascinated by patterns. We are so good at forming patterns, that sometimes we see patterns that dont exist 1 2 4 Many psychologists are trying to 'sex' our brains by referring to the brain as a sexual organ and trying to prove direct relationships between anatomy, behavior and hormonal fluctuations (Paape, 1993). Because of this, we label women as being Soft Domestic Weak And men as being Strong Dominant Tough We exaggerate sex differences so much so that the difference between men and women become more than they become mental and emotional. Physiological As a consequence of this, men are seen as the Superior Gender The assumption of woman's difference because of her sex, has always justified oppression (Paape, 1993). When 53 high school students were surveyed, 57% of people believed That men and women were significantly different mentally and emotionally. Women are seen as inferior, and as a result women are given fewer rights, and become nothing more than an object. The media has a lot to do with why we exaggerate sex differences so much "Gender roles, as an example, exist solely because society as a whole chooses to accept them, but they are perpetuated by the media. (Lantagne, 2014) Gender has become a Business Companies earn more profit when they exaggerate sex differences. They sell the stereotypes to us to make us buy products oriented around our gender, even though the products are likely identical just one is pink and the other is blue . To question gender roles is to change the way of life we have constructed As Marlene Mackie says in her review of the textbook The Social Construct of Gender The focus is structural: gender is seen to be an axis of social order. Feminity/masculinity are categories, socially-defined and maintained in everyday life, as well as by major social institutions (politics, law, religion, medicine) While most can agree that inequality between males and females exists, When 53 highschool students were surveyed, did not think that misogyny was still an issue 30% of people They are wrong If gender equality does exist, then why is it that 1/5 women in the U.S get raped in their lifetime (Vagianos, 2014) Compared to 1/33 men (Who Are the Victims?, 2009) Why is it that women in the minority world earn $0.77 for every dollar that men earn doing the same job? (Bassett, 2013) Why does gender inequality exist? It exists because we believe that it DOESN'T EXIST Recently, a survey was conducted in which 53 high school students were asked what they knew about gender inequality. ...These were the results. Only 62% of people were aware of gender/ sex inequality 19% of people believed that women and men earned the same amount for the same job. 8% of people Believed that if a woman was wearing revealing clothing or intoxicated She should take responsibility FOR HER RAPE When asked why few women hold positions in government Some people said that it is because Evolution created males to be dominant How can we solve gender inequality When we are not aware of ITS EXISTENCE The only way we can combat gender inequality is by educating ourselves on it. And schools should educate children on how and why gender inequality came to be. Gender inequality can no longer be a theory. There should be stricter regulations on targeting certain genders in advertisements. many think that it is a problem that happened in the past, and that only women in majority world countries experience inequality. It needs to be treated as a fact.
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