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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CAUSES OF WORLD WAR 1 2. IMPERIALISIM 4. CRISIS 3. MILTARISIM 1. NATIONALISM 5. ALLIANCES GREEN - SHORT TERMYELLOW - LONG TERM - Imperialism is a long term cause because it takes a long time to conquer land and create colonies.- Imperialism caused man crisis such as the Moroccan Crisis.- The Moroccan Crisis was caused because of Germany and France wanting to talk parts of Morocco.- Imperialism was the second most important cause because it was the main reason that caused crisis which eventually caused WW1. - Nationalism is a short term cause because its something that doens't last for a long time. - An example of the would be the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of Austria.- The reason nationalism is the most important cause of the war is because it was the spark the started the war. But keep in mind that there wouldn't have been a war either if there was nothing to light up, the other factors. - Militarism is a long term cause because it takes a really long time to make a strong army and that army lasts for a long time. - Without a strong army the countries would have had a war that had such small outcomes.- If two countries are trying to make there army stronger they will have competition and this compettion will lead to crisis or war. - Crisis is an important factor in the alliances.- An example would be the Moroccan crisis. This crisis made alliances between France and Britain and made Germany a rival of France.- Crisis could be considered a short and long term cause.- Examples of short term crisis: The first and second Moroccan Crisis, Bosnian Crisis.- Example of Long term crisis: The Crimean War - Alliances are more like what makes the wars to keep going on.- Alliances cause countries to fight against each other which causes crisis. - Alliances are either long or short term alliances.- Short term alliances are alliances that didn't really last for a long time while long term alliances did.- Examples of Short Term Alliances: Triple Entente, Anglo - Russian Entente, Entente Cordial.- Examples of Long term alliances: The Dual Alliance, The triple Alliance Franco-Russian alliance.
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