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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Working Women Working Women 1825 The United Tailoressesof New York becomesthe first all femaleunion and they go onstrike shortly aftertheir formation. 1899 1907 1910 1912 1916 1917 1920 1933 1943 "Declaration of Sentiments"drafted by participants ofthe nation's first Women's Rights Convention in SenecaFalls, NY. Washington is thefirst state to grantwomen the right tovote. Investigations, authorized by theSecretary of Commerce and Laborand backed by the Women's TradeUnion League, expose poor conditions,health, and wages of female workers. 1848 The Bull MooseParty addswomen's suffrageto its platform andis the first politicalparty to do so. National Women's Partyest. by Alice Paul andLucy Burns to work forwomen's suffrage. First WWI military draft causes laborshortages which leads the US Employment Service to launch a campaignto replace men with women in "every position a woman is capable of ". 19th Amendment,giving women theright to vote throughout the nation is ratified. Frances Perkins becomesthe first woman as amember of the presidentialcabinet when she isappointed Secretaryof Labor by FDR. 1963 1966 1968 1970 1972 1974 2010 2009 1986 The National Consumers'League is formed and Florence Kelly is president.The goal of NCL is to rallywomen to fight for better working conditions andprotective laws. Rosie the Riveter is inventedas a propaganda tool to pullwomen into the work forcewhen the War Production Boardannounces a need for 1.5million more female workers. Activist Betty Friedanestablishes theNational Organizationfor Women (NOW)to end sex-baseddiscrimination. Supreme Court rulesin Bowe v. Colgate-Palmolive that if womenmeet physical requirementsthey can work in jobs thatwere previously male only. To observe the 50thanniversary of women'ssuffrage, women demonstratethroughout America. Thisevent was known as"Women's Strike forEquality". Equal Pay Act, which madeit illegal to pay men and womendifferent wages who performedthe same work, was signedby President John F. Kennedy. Title XI is passed, makinggender discrimination illegalin education or activity fundedby the US government. Thisincreased female participationin school sports. It's ruled in court thatNorthwest Airlinesmust pay female flightattendants on samescale as men. 1700 female flightattendants fought andwon an 18 year lawsuit against UnitedAirlines after they were fired for gettingmarried. It is found thatwomen earn 80cents to everymale dollar whichis a significantimprovement. Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Actsigned by President BarackObama which gives wagediscrimination victims 180days to file an equal paylawsuit with each newdiscriminatory paycheck. Dollars and Sense women earningsto male dollar 1955 $0.639 : $1 1965 $0.599 : $1 1970 $0.623 : $1 1975 $0.620 : $1 1980 $0.643 : $1 1988 $0.701 : $1 At this rate ofprogress, wageequality won'tbe reached untilthe year 2052 $ $ $ $ The Declarationof Sentimentswas based offof the Declarationof Independence
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