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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ... ... The E-Myth Manager Great Artist Steal. Good Artist Copy Initial Theory: Copy GreatnessFinal: Appreciate, Study, Steal, make your own. To be a great entrepreneur requires making ideas your own not someone else's double click to change this header text! Great business don't reinvent the wheel they interpret the wheel differently. Prefacing The Question (?) Initial Theory: Questions all lead to more or the same answersFinal: The way you ask a question lead to different answers . New ideas in business start with a question, Nonetheless how you ask the question will determine the vastness Prefacing a question for an innovator or entrepreneur can be the gateway to your success. Mistaking the word career for the word life Initial Theory: Your life was your career.Final: Life and your career are completely seperate Entrepreneurs should never immix all of life with all of one's career. Distinguish between the two in order to maintain balance. We Cannot Truly Manage Anything double click to changethis text! Drag a corne InGenius Initial Theory: Everything was mangeabeFinal Theory: Nothing is by definition manageable in business In business lay out systems to account for those things that are unmanageable Without effective systemsto manage businesses,,start-ups, etc., it will crumble and fail. Money Isn't Everything Money Isn't Everything Initial Theory: Money was the end objectiveFinal: Money is apart of a whole and bigger objective As an entrepreneur in business beware that money is only apart of business not all encompassing.
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