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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PRESTON CARMACK INTELLECTUAL Graduated magna cum laude from Northwest Christian University in 2013. (B.A. in music with emphasis in Business and Communication) COMMUNICATION HUMANITARIAN ORGANIZATION LEADERSHIP Founded music based non-profit "Hand to Heart" as a 17 year old. Creator of the adventure community Wrote, recorded, and produced 3 albums with the band Ergo Rex. In the process of writing a historical sci/fi novel about Theodore Roosevelt Currently lives with and teaches 200 at risk kids at Mountain Mission School in the Appalachian Mountains. Experienced and creative public speaker Has volunteered at homeless shelters, libraries, treatment facilities, churches, and prisons across the U.S. and internationally DIRECTION Is licensed as a pastor with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. Worked as a circulation assistant at the Kellenberger Library in Eugene, OR. for 4 years. Organized booking for 6 nationalmusic tours as well as many regional tours. A worship leader with12 years of experience in a wide variety of geographic locations, with dozens of different denominations. Has an entrepreneurial spirit, basic book keeping knowledge, and social media management skills as the owner and administrator of Ergo Rex. Has experience recruiting, training, and supervising interns. Preston's long term goal is to nurture a non-profit communitythat provides a sustainable lifestyle for artists who are spcially concious. CONTACT PRESTON P:
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