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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What do I need to know - Work Experience 16 - 19 Study Programme Why? Work experience enables a young person to spend time on an employers premises, observing and undertaking activity.Work experience is designed to bridge the gap between education and theworld of work Why does it matter? Planned work experience is funded through the 16-19 Study ProgrammeNot completing your allocated work experience hours means they arenot getting the opportunity to develop their work readiness skills. What counts? Hours must: - Be directly relevant to your study programme - Be planned and explicit in your timetable - Be within your normal pattern of attendance at the college - Be supervised and/or organised by a member of staff Internal or External? We need to be able to confirm exactly how many hours youdid internally, and how many you did externally.Therefore it is absolutely essential that this is clear in any log books andtrackingExternal work experience has to be organised by the collegeInternal work experience will involve activities which reproduce aspects of the work environment Part time jobs Put simply - do not count and is not fundableThe hours learners spend at a part time job can not be recorded as fundable work experience hours on the study programme[There are some exceptions to this rule- check for more information] What do I need to do? 1 - Ensure you are attending your work experience sessions2 - Ensure ALL hours are recorded clearly defining internal / external3 - Ensure you are logging adequate evidence for their work experience Work Experience Official term used in Funding Guidance and Study ProgrammeGuidance. This may also include work related learning or internships Work Placement Work placement is similar to work experience, however it forms partof the learners core programme hours. Therefore it is funded throughthe main aim and can not be counted as work experience hours.Any hours above those required on the aim can however then berecorded as work experience hours.
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