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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wonder Theme-Sometimes its hard going out in public and trying new things and meeting new people when you've had a'lot of medical issues and have had so many surgeries that you don't even look normal anymore.Or don't even know what its like to have a normal looking face Summary-In my book Wonder,Its about a boy named August and he has a deformed face.He's had more surgeries then he can evencount.When people see him out in public they scream "Monster".When he was littlehe liked to hide his face with a paper brown bag. Plot-In the beginning of Wonder,August ishome-schooled because he's afraid of who will make-fun of his face and his parents are afraid of him getting bullied.In the middle,August's parentsdecide that its time for him to try something new and go to public school.And this is when he meets the principal and takes a tour ofthe school.In the end of Wonder, There's an award assembly and he getsan award for being such a good friend to everyone and reaching his high goals. Setting-In Wonder The setting mostly takes placein August's house or at hisschool.But a big setting in the book is at the drive inwith his school.That's where he gets called monster and org.And getsbullied. The protagonist supports the theme because hesbullying and hurting the antagonist (August) And not Making him not want to go to schoolAnd August is afraid of going to schoolBecause he knows hes going to get bullied,Of hisface and get called monster
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