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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 As of 2003, atleast half of allKenyan women hadexperienced violence since the age of 15.-Ministry of Planning Women's Rights = Human Rights Sexual and domestic violence haveoppressed Kenyan women for manyyears. Some of the many hardships they endure include: false accusationsand wrong treatment, battery, fear of society, transmission of STDs, rape,and other forms of abuse. However, the NationalAssembly of Kenya passed the Sexual OffencesBill, which proposes harsher punishments forsex offenders and abusive spouses. Furthermore, the Nairobi Women's Hospital was created in orderto aid abused women with the need of psychologicaland medical support. In Kenya,1 in 5 womenwill be subject tosexual violencein their lifetime. The Gender ViolenceRecovery Center helpsup to 15 survivors ofrape and domesticviolence every day. Textbook Explanation Peace and Justice The textbook tells us among all the humanrights that should be respected, Women'srights need special protection and promotion.If a certain group of people is being attacked, the intervention of the military or of protest groups is permitted to protect and defend the rights of the oppressed individuals. Kenya: Sexual and Domestic Injustice ent As of 2005, the NairobiWomen's Hospital hasassisted more than 4,500 patients. The Nairobi Women's Hospital and the Sexual Offences Bill ensure peacean justice for individuals and society. Women areguaranteed laws to protect their right to express theiropinions and live freely. Moreover, peace and justice areachieved for women and society because the women are provided healthcare and encouraged to forgive their offenders. We need justice to achieve peace, and we must live forgiveness to achieve justice.
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