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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cruel Reality Women and the Military: A Tenuous Relationship Military Numbers as of 2011 PTSD in Women Equality? They Have Walked So Far Women's Response By 2010, female veterans made up 15% or more of American Military Veterans. There are some pretty impressive numbers behind these brave women. "I believe if women can do the job just as well as men, then why not?We cannot, however, expect any concessions to be made for these women. They have to be held to the same standard as their male counterparts. For young women interested in joining, something that many individuals (men and women alike) do not think about is what it truly means to be a U.S. soldier and what they are promising to do as such. Once they have wrapped their head around that and if theyre still interested in joining, I would tell them, go for it!" -Unnamed Female Soldier Even though women have been granted the right to "combat", they are still facing sexism from the officials. Here are some examples of "concerns" the Secretary of War has concerning women in combat. Women who are raped while on duty Women w/ sexual trauma in the military Women who experience sexual harassment in the military Sexual Trauma incidents that go unreported Women who thought rape was to "be expected in the military 79% 33.3% 37% 75% Total Men Enlisted:1,248,212 Total number of enlisted:1,458,697 Total Women Enlisted:210,485 While women are twice as likely than men to report signs ofPost Traumatic Stress, it is only during the beginning of their time in the military. Studies have shown that women, over time, have reported a decline in their symptoms, whereasmen show an increase. Therefore, in the long-run, women are very well equipped mentally for military life. The Secretary of the Military Department concerned may restrict positions, which include physically demanding tasks that would exclude the vast majority of women. The Secretary of the Military Department concerned may restrict positions involving long range reconnaissance operations and Special OperationsForces missions. These missions involve direct ground combat, do not afford individuals personal privacy, and are the most physically demanding in DoD. 76% of women veterans participate in the work force after their time serving. 37% of women veterans need mental help after they get out of the army. 47% of womenveterans havea college degree or higher as theirlevel of education. Women in the military have to face a cruelreality: Sexual Trauma is very common, and known as a fact of life. It shouldn't be that way, though... 20%
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