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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WOMEN IN THIRD-WORLD COUNTRIES Waknukians Waknukian Beliefs In Waknuk, it is believed that everyone must be portrayedin the true image of god. If oneis not portrayed in this image,they are banished to the fringesto live in secrecy forever. Third-World Beliefs Towards Women In countries such as Afghanistan,Albania, India, Kenya and Saudi Arabia, women are believed tobe property of their husbands, and are not treated with respect. What this means, is that women are only believed to take care of their family, cook, and clean. Their freedom is limited. Women in TWC Background In Afghanistan, it is believed that menare entitled to make decisions for women, including topics having to dowith marriage and engagement. Once a girl is married, she becomesthe property of her husband and newfamily. She continues to have almostno say involving the situation. If sheis unhappy with her current relationship, only her husband isallowed to divorce her. Not onlythat, but if the husband wants a divorce, he doesn't have to consulthis wife. Secondly, They have almost no rights, and education is limited. Approximately 15% of females in Afghanistan, and similar to otherthird world countries, can read and write. This number is increasing due to girls realizingthat they need a stronger education, and more opportunitiesavailable in these countries.As of 2011, there are roughly 8 million students in Afghanistan.Out of the 8 million, 37% of themare female. Waknukian Background In Waknuk, the image of god is praised, and Waknukians believe that the correctphysical and sometimes physiological aspects to a person must replicatethose of god, and if these replicationsare not met, then it is considered a felony. Women in Waknuk are not nearly as valued and respected as the average male. For example, if women give birthto three "deviations," they must be sentaway or even killed. This is unfair andout of their control. Also, women's jobs in Waknuk involve more domesticjobs, and it underestimates the jobsthat a women is capable of. Women are also looked down upon inthe fringes. One example of this, iswhen Gordon wants to make babieswith Rosalind, and doesn't even think to consult her. Gordon looks uponWomen as property, and does not treatthem with respect. How God Plays a Role in Society How God Influences The Views of People in Society In Waknuk, everything incorperates itself in the movement of God andpeople are forced to abide themselves with God. The Waknukians' belief in God impacts their every action. Forexample, the Waknukians feel very strongly about humans meeting God'simage, and if that is not met, then thedeviation is killed, tortured, and on some occasions for women, have their tubes tied. The Waknukians feel so strongly about this that if a women has birthed three consecuative deviations, then the mother is punishedand sent away to the badlands. Thebible is studied in schools, and theentire government decides everythingbased on what god would have wanted. In countries such as Islam, laws and cultural customs impact various stages of a Muslim Woman life. This includesher education, employment opportunities,right to inheritance, female circumcision,dress, age of marraige, freedom to consent to marraige, marraige contract, birth control, divorce and whether or notshe wishes to practice abstinence. In thissociety, being a muslim is much more thana religious identity. Islam outlines andstructures ways in which Muslim womenshould live their lives on a daily basis. Women in Islam are provided a number ofguidelines in which as muslims, they are required to follow. Some of these requirements include: Being faithful andrespectful towards men (husband),how they dress, how they expose theirhair, and to put it in a simple way, basically giving all of their beliefs,feelings, and pride to their husbands.In religious stories, women and marriage implies that women lackin respect and feelings. For example,Muslim God Mohammad marriedeleven or thirteen women. Similarities Equality/Class In both Waknuk, and third-worldcountries, there is a low-class and a higher class. In Waknuk, the Norms(beings without "deviations) are treated with much more respectthan those who live in the fringes and have blasphemies. In third-world countries, women are treatedmuch worse than men and have lessopportunities and position in society.Men are given much more respect than women. In both societies, there is an emmense lackof equality. For example, in third world countries, women are not given asmany rights. Rights include: Who tomarry, whether or not to have children.In Waknuk, equal rights are given to those without deformities such as Food. Individual Freedom Individual Freedom in both Waknukand third world countries are limited,as women and deviations are not allowed to be free, and live life howthey would like to. For example, deviations in Waknuk are forced to hidden. For example, David, Rosalind,Petra, and the rest of the group hadto hide their true telepathic identity so that they wouldn't get caught. In addition, even people from the fringesmust find food and survive. They aren't free to those resources to help them survive. Women in third-world countriesare not free to wear what they would like,get to have say in marital factors, decidewhether or not they would like children orbirth control, decide whether they want tohave sex, and even whether or not they get an education. Women in third-worldcountries such as Afghanistan and Arabia are trapped within a gender identity that defies them of certain rights.