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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Women in World War II What did they really do? Homefront Military December 1941The US starts fighting in World War II. April 18, 1942The War ManpowerCommissionwas formed. April 1942The participationrate of women in vocational trainingjumped from 1% to 13%.(Women During World War II) May 14, 1942The Women'sArmy Corpswas formed. June 24,1942WAVES wasestablished. September 1942The WAFS wereformed by Nancy Harkness Love. August 14,1945Japan surrendersand war ends. November 23,1942The SPARS was established. All of the sectorsof the militaryoffered a separatesection for females. The female sectionof the Coast Guard wascalled SPARS.Women in SPARS workedin a special plotting and course-tracking systemthat is still used today.(Women During WorldWar II) The Army's femalebranch was calledthe Women's Army Corps (WAC).The participants in the WAC were secretaries, clerks, and medical personnel. (Women During World War II) The female branch of the Navy was the Women Appointed for VoluntaryEmergency Services(WAVES).The WAVES worked on naval ships such asthe Sanctuary. August 1943WASPs were formed. The US had twodifferent branches for women, and they werethe Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron and the Women's AirForce Service PIlots. The WAFS were the most elite female pilots. They flew planes fromone base to another. The WASPs tested warplanes' flying ability,ran instrument checks,and flew planes from factories to bases. (Women During World War II) The WASPs tested warplanes' flying ability, raninstrument checks,and flew planes from factories to bases. Women worked asspies during World War II. The femalespies searched forinformationfrom the Nazis. When America entered World War II many jobswere left open by men. The U.S.government neededsomeone to fill thesejobs, so they createdthe War Manpower Commission. This fueled women to takethe open jobs. The commission motivated women to join the war effort. Anderson said,"Almost overnightwomen were reclassified by industrials from a marginal to a basiclabor supply formunitions making." (Women During WorldWar II) After the War ManpowerCommission was put in place about 160,000 women worked in ship construction. (Women DuringWorld War II) Overall, the amount of women who had careersin the governmentand in nongovernmental jobsjumped 110% and in warcompanies it went up 460%. (Women During World War II) Colleges began offering coursesin auto repairand airplane spotting in order to helpthe war effort. Women begun working in ship construction,airplane industry, heavy heavy industry, and aselectrical workers. There were overtwo million Americanwomen working in heavy industry during the war. (Women During World War II)
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