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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Women in 1920s USA Before the WW1 middle-class womewere expected to have very restricted lives.They had to wear very restrictive clothesand behave politly, they were expected no to usemake-up and their relationships with men werestrictly controlled, they were expected to havea chaperon when they go out with a boyffriend.- THEY COULD´T SMOKE IN PUBLIC-THEY COULDN´T VOTE- MOST WORKING WOMAN WERE IN LOWER-PAID JOBS. Limitations - WOMEN WERE STILL PAID LESS THAN MENEVEN IF THEY HAD THE SAME JOB.- THEY DID NOT GIVE THEM ACCES TO POLITICALPOWER. In the 1920 many things began to change- THEY GOT THE VOTE IN ALL THE STATES- THEY SHARED LIBERATING EFFECTSOF THE CAR- THEIR DOMESTIC WORK WAS MADE EASIER- THEY WORE MORE DARING CLOTHES- THEY SMOKE IN PUBLIC- DRINK WITH MEN IN PUBLIC- WENT OUT WITH MEN IN CARS WITHOUTCHAPERON-THEY KISSED IN PUBLIC- IN URBAN AREAS MORE WOMEN TOOK JOBS Prejudice and Intolerance At the same time as some young Americans were experiencingliberation, others were facing intolerance and racism.The vast majority of Americans were either immigrants or descendants of recent immigrants.Immigration to the USA was at all-time high from 1901 to 1910Immigrants were flooding in, particulary jews from eastern Europeand Russia who were fleeing persecution, and people from Italywho were fleeing poverty. Many Italian immigrants hoped to makemoney to take back to their families in ItalyThe United States rpided itself on being a `melting pot´. The USA´s big cities the more established immigrant groups-IRISH AMERICANS-FRENCH CANADIANSGERMAN AMERICANScompeted for the best jobs and the best available housing. These groups tended to look down on the more recent easternEuropean and Italian immigrants. These in turn had nothingbut contemp for black Americans and Mexicans, who were almostat the bottom of the scale.
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