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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Daily Life: The munchkins sang and danced and hid from the wicked witches, other than that they lived their life in leisure. The good witch of the North protects the munchkins from the wicked witches. Arts: Everyone sang and danced about Oz. The munchkins outfits and houses were bright and colorful. The ruby slipper were very red and shiny. Wizard and Witch spells. Government: Oz acted as the president and ruler of all of Oz The two wicked witches and the one good witch of the North acted as the dictators. The munchkins and other creatures such as the scarecrow, lion, and tin man acted as citizens of Oz. Language: Munchkins usually communicated to people through singing and dancing. Oz used communication through his fake wizard device that made him look like a real wizard. Social Groups: There were good and wicked witches. There were munchkins who were very small and lived in a tiny community. There were the rich who were like the lady that tried to take away Toto. There were the farmers that worked on the farm with Auntie Em. Lastly there were the wizards like Oz who ruled all of Oz. Religion: All of Oz had a celebration when the wicked witches died. Everyone valued Oz and the wicked witch of the North because they were powerful and valued them. History: There were the wicked witches of the East and West and a good witch of the North Everyone was afraid of the wicked witches but the good witch of the North helped the people of Oz out. Oz was the most powerful man in all of the land. Economy: There were farmers in the real world who got paid to help out at the farm. In Emerald City all the creatures and Dorothy went to the spa to get cleaned up by the masseuses. There was also a man who had the job to guard and open the door to get into Emerald City and Oz's layer. Wiard Of Oz Eight Traits By: Zach Fine & Ara Emerzian
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