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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VHEMES vhemes = visual + themesstart by dragging a predesigned vheme onto the canvas OBJECTS Tips to Prepare for Winter on the Farm Trim your cow's tail switches. This will keep them clean and dry and away from the gutter in the barn. Keep buckets of salt in thebarn during winter to spreadaround the barnyard if there is ice. Give cows hay or supplement earlyin the day to start them grazing if theyare huddling instead of feeding. If you use diesel-run equipment over winter, it's time to switch over from 2-D diesel to 1-D. 1-D gels at a lowercloud point which is better for winter, but you may runinto gelling problems if 2-D is still in the tank. Do notremove all fuel from a diesel tractor at any time. Disconnect the batteries if equipment isn't required for long periodsover winter so you don't have a leak. If the equipment will be used,keep the battery fully charged and maintain this charge to protect from this. Get your cow vaccinated. Barns, howeverventilated, are breeding ground for respiratory disease and extended periods spent in barns increase risk. Empty the diesel exhaust fluid in a fuel trailer if it could be exposed to freezing temperatures. Do this by letting the nozzle run dry, set the valve to 'fill' and turn the pump on. Squeeze the nozzle. Remove remaining DEF in the coupler. Remove the drain plug to let the fluid out and replace the plug. Check the storage information of unused pesticides. Some need to be disposed and some need certain conditions to be stored effectively. Extend daylight hours for egg laying by installing av light bulb in the coop.Install and set a timer for no more than 10 hours to save energy andoverstimulating the chickens. There is no need for a heater in the coop and ventilation should be maintained throughout the year. Create an emergency cache. Put aside a time to stock upyour barn's first aid kit, bedding and feed to safely see youthrough times of extreme weather or your own sickness. Brought to you by your friends at
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