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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Renewable Vs Non-Renewable WindNuclear Wind Wind energy is renewable, since in our lifetime, it will Not run out.Wind energy is a simple and easy way to get a usuable amount of energy. Nuclear Technological Scientific Nuclear energy is non-renewableit takes uranium and there's not an infinite supply of that. Nuclear energy gives huge amounts but at a cost. Social Environmental Impacts Money Takes Up Space Uses Mined OresTakes Up SpacePollution During 2012, the range of cost was $31 to $84 per MWh (Mega Watt ,Hour) The French National Audit Body said that the overnight price was around $1070 kWe (Kilo-Watts Electrical) 400-700 Jobs are createdAnd 3,500 are created at start of construction Never found a link that told me the exact number, but permanent jobs are created, i would estimate around 500 or so Science is needed to make nuclear energy, since they need to split uranium atomsto conduct the energy, proper requirmentsare needed. They need to first "buy" or mine outthe uranium, then bring it to extract. The reactor is what produces and controls the energy. I would say that making the turbine would require sciencesince you need equally weighted blades sothe turbine spins. Advanced machines and atom-splitters areneeded to make this much energy. So at ahuge amount, it takes a lot of technology. Making the turbine takes construction, planning, and since it's also making the energy it needs wires andother objects to have it be of use.The turbine works by wind spinning the bladesaround a rotor. The rotor is connected to a main shaftthat spins a generator creating electricity. Nuclear energy although uses waymore tech than wind energy, you have to pay for the equipment, fuel, and building, making it worse. Wind turbines/farms don't require close to as muchscience as nuclear plants do, since turbines are automatic anddon't require chemiclas or so, nuclear energy requires splitting atoms! Both require skill, and as NPP skills may be high, it creates more jobs and is better than a wind farm business. Obviously seen, nuclear energy creates way worse impacts. I would say that wind energy is afar better energy source than nuclearenergy since it has as infinite source of cheapeasier to get fuel, with less cost ofthe nuclear energy. Of course itsbetter to have more energy but multiple wind farms could replaceone NPP and still have less money used. Making a NPP and using it to make energy costs way more than using a wind turbine, and noticing that multiple turbines can fit and still cost less than one NPP.
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