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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wind Energy Blowing into popularity. By: Madison, Ella, and Martha How Wind Works-Warm air and cold air create wind flows that make the blades spin. Generators and gears transform that energy into electricity that can be sent to homes and businesses. Advantages- *clean*renewable*price is decreasing*provides jobs for people*reduces fossil fuel consumption*reduces water and air pollution Disadvantages- *noisy*threat to wildlife *wind is not reliable*cannot be used everywhere *visual impact Wind energy uses wind and this makes it a renewable resource. Wind energy provides many different jobsfor people as you can see by this chart. Although wind is a renewable resource, it cannot be used everywhere.For example, places with not enough wind.Also, people believe that wind turbines createa visual impact. Wind turbines are said to be a threat to wildlife, mostly birds and bats, but when you compare itto other things it turns out that wind turbines arenot actually the worst! One disadvantage about windis the noise.Many people decide not to usewind because of this. FUN FACTS! FUN FACTS! The blades are 60 meters long each and the total height is 20 stories high.They resemble giant propellers of airplanes on a stick. As you can see, wind energy is a clean, renewable resource that our country should use in the future! Wind harness enough energy topower 600 homes. Wind energy does not use water,therefore it is saving water. Thanks for watching!
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