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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1980 Retirment Beginning of career 1956 1935 1961 1954 100%Adult 5%Adult 12%Adult 24%Adult Willie was traded with out him knowing to the Hull-Ottawa Canadiens. Willie was born in Fredericton, New Brunswickon October 15, 1935. In his neighborhood out of 13 children therewere only two black families. He playing a game for the Kitchener- Waterloo Junior Canucks. Willie was near the goal and was hit in t he eye. His cornea was shattered and he was blindin his right eye. He also played baseballhe was great at baseball. The Life of Willie Eldon O'Ree He was born Willie played twice averageamount of the average hockey player.He played hockey for 20 years and was verysuccessful. Willie retired in 1980. 45%Adult Madison Square Garden, New York, Willie crashed intothe end boards in the defenses area. The wire mesh gave awaythat willie was African American. They pulled Willie into the crowed,but luckily his teammate pulled him back into the crowedThis shows racial criticism during games and even out of games, but Willie didn't care that much about that. Willie showed his dedication. Willie retired permanently in 1980.He was the first black hockey. Even though he faced a lot of racial criticismhe kept going. He was a great hockey player. His childhood Willie vs. The World After he got out of high school he got an offer to play with the Boston Bruins. He signed a contract with the Quebec Aces. This was when Willie broke the cololr barrier in professional hockey 90% of the retirementthe average hockeyplayer and then then 10% that do twice the amount of an average hockey player Willie was the first black hockey player. He played hockey as a child and he also played baseball. He was great at both sports.
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