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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 YuleDecember 20th or 23rd OstaraMarch 21st BeltaneApril 31st-May 1st LithaJune 21st LushnasashJuly 31st - August1st Mabon Septemeber 21st SamhianOctober 31st ImbolcFebruary 1st or 2nd *resources Wiccan Holidays 2015 This holiday is mostly about fertility and is a time for unpunished sexuality either with or withoutthe persons partner. Some traditions are from Germanic May Day festival like May Pole Dancing. This holiday is based around the summer solstice and celebrates when the sun God has reached his strongest point. This is a time for blessing of seeds, agriculture and birth. Another name for Oimelc which means "milking of ewes" because it is the traditional lambing seasons. This holiday is around the spring equinox, when the Maiden goddess becomes the Great Mother. The next full moon is called Ostara,which is very sacred to the Saxon Lunar God of fertility, Eostre (where we got the word estrogen from). Lushnasash celebratesthe first harvest of the year. Lushnasash means "the funeral games ofLugh' but the funeral is actually his foster mothers. This holiday is based around the fall equinox. This is a time to pay respects to darkness and give thanks for sunlight. Everyone is getting ready to relax and reflect Yule is based around the winter solstice. It is when the dark half of the year becomes the light half. Yule celebrates the suns rebirth and the children would bring apple cider with cloves to the houses. This holiday marks the beginning of the dark half of the year and people can contact with the departed.
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