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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE MASS OBJECTS drag and drop icons,shapes, text or upload your own from our extensive library of artwork your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] double click on textto edit or change The source and summit of Christian Living safasdjfsa asf salkdfjals djflsajdflk sjdfl dkjflsaj fasfdj salkdfja sldkfja sldfj asldfas flasj dflkasjfd lasj fdlsaj dfla flsa fdlk asdflkajs dlfj aslkfj lasfj ls flks dflkjs adlfjas lf jaslfd aslfd jaslkf jasdlkj flaksjflksdjflakjfd asdjflajsd The mass can sometimes beseen as boring and tedious, butit is very important in the life of a Catholic. INCENTIVES THE MASS BRINGS double click to change this title text! The mass is the sourceand summit of Christianliving because we all participate in God's loving presence. We celebrate our beingChristians/Catholics, andwe become closer to God. In the mass, we professour faith, learn about our faith, ask for redemption,and gain a sense of COMMUNITY. Through the mass, our sins areforgiven. Sin is a lack of love. In the mass, we learn to loveGod and those around us. Weask God and the community aroundus to accept our wrongdoings. Wemake peace with everyone, andwe live without heaviness in ourhearts. When we celebrate mass, we set timeto give thanks to God for all the blessingshe has given us.Studies show that being thankful for things, whatever they may be,shows an increase in optimism and a feelfor belongingness. In times that we areungreatful, greed takes over, causing usto sin. We know we are not a model of perfectionThat is why we follow in your directionA lot of bad things we have doneBut You still love us like a Father loves a sonIn times of darkness, we don't know what to doWe never know who to turn to.. Oooh-oohIn that way we did things to hurt youBut You have guided us to push through...Through the Holy Mass.Why must we ask for more?Thank you for everything, Oh Lord!You changed us for forever!We will love you so much better! A Modern Mass Song WHAT IS THE MASS? PROFESS FAITH!LEARN OUR FAITH!GAIN REDEMPTION!COMMUNITY! SOURCE AND SUMMIT? WE PARTICIPATE IN GOD'SLOVING PRESENCE!CELEBRATE OUR BEINGCATHOLIC!BECOME CLOSER TO GOD!
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