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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did You Know Animals Are Expert Mimics? Butterflys are someof the most vulnerableinsects in the world.(10 Bizarre) One butterfly calledthe owl butterflymimics an owl. This disguise tricksother birds that it isan owl so the butterflydoesn't get eaten.(10 Bizarre) The wings are darkbrown with a dot onthe bottom whichlooks like the owl'seye. (10 Bizarre) The owl butterfly caneven trick PEOPLE!(10 Bizarre) "An Amazonian chickevolved a crafty wayto keep from beingeaten: pretend you'rea poisonous caterpillarby looking and movingjust like one." (Amazonian) "The chick in questionis the cinereous mourner(Lanioera hypopyrra).The young ones have towait three weeks asnestlings before theydevelop enough to takeflight, and their nestson the ground leave thechicks especiallyvulnerable to predication."(Amazonian) "With those odds stacked against it, the birdhas taken to apparent mimicry, accordingto the researchers." (Amazonian) "In short, it looksand acts like eitherof two toxiccaterpillars-Podalia orMegalopyge."(Amazonian) "The chicks down comesin a bright orange hueflecked with black spotsand the team found thatafter 6 days the hatch-lingseven started moving theirheads from side to sideslowly when disturbed ina definite impersonation of acaterpillars movement."(Amazonian) Jake HesterMs. WilloughbyEnglish, Period 19 January 2015
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