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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We compared Moldova to Romania, which is a part of the EUWe chose Romania because it is right next to Moldova, average age is around 69 yearsmedium amount of pollutionnot good drinking waterpopulation 3,559,000maybe if Moldova was in the EU, population would increase which will make GDP rise 55 ( out of 120) is the score for Moldova's health care system Our Major Exports are around $600,000,000 worth of Insulated Wire, Wine, Nuts, and Packaged Medicaments And that is why Moldova should get into the EU!!! Moldova needs around $600,000,000 worth of Refined Petroleum Why Moldova should be in the EU Ties Nicolae Timofti is the democratic president of MoldovaThe Republic of Moldova is actively pursing EU membershipMoldova is working hard to become a democratic country! If Moldova was part of the EU, they could trade with other countries in the EU and might make the economy better Quality of life Moldova has close ties with Romania and Russia Romania donates at least half of their EU passports to Moldova.EU passports are for moving through the EU We think that if Moldova was a part of the EU, it would be easier to import and export materials, from Moldova to Romania. Also, if Moldova joined the EU, it would be easier to transport goods in and out of the country Trade Summary 51% of the population want to join the EU 36% don't want to join 13% doesn't know. Moldova still has to solve issues over its breakaway region of Transnistria ( state governed by Moldova). After the USSR fell, there was new conflict because that state, unlike the rest of Moldova, did not want to separate from the Soviet Union. Decisions
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