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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] IN THE PAST 24 HOURS this many people were shot in the U.S. wounded critical condition DEAD Bradley Bostick, age 40, Alexandria VA Unknown, Thermal CA *Jacqueline Flores, age 17, Harvard IL Miguel Andrade, age 19, Harvard IL Unknown, Clark County OH Many thanks to and twitter account @GunDeaths for data contributions. Last updated 7/25/2013 11:47PM CST Data excludes police shootings.Times of deaths are estimated based on news reports. child underage 18 source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention And all unreportedvictims of gun violence On a typical day: 30 gun-related murders 162 people wounded byfirearms gun-related suicides 53 Infographic by Darcy Rose Coussens PLEASE NOTE: This data is necessarily incomplete. Joshua Renick, age 31, Indianapolis IN Judy Salamon, age 66, Oakland CA Marvin Johnson, age 20, Columbus OH (that we know of) domestic dispute homicide suicide suicide homicide holding child argument Gerardo Martinez Jr., age 27, Laredo TX Nathan Dotson, age 62, Dallas TX Myrle Knowles Carr, age 73, Rocky Mount NC Howard Nemley, age 25, Columbia SC REST IN PEACE Barbara Smortwood, age 53, Albuquerque NM Imran Ashgar, age 34, Columbus OH Pablo Aquino, age 27, Bridgeport CT Unknown, Pratt SC Lemmie Alford, age 25, Wichita KS *Unknown, age 15, Salinas CA Timothy Lamount James, age 36, Lubbock TX William Smortwood, age 65, Albuquerque NM Gerald Greenfield, age 49, Tulsa OK Traci Young, age 39, Lawton OK robbery Many shootings go unreported or are not reported in time for this daily summary. John Spratt, age 44, Utica NY Unknown, age 21, Milwaukee W Wilber Price Jr., Hopewell VA Unknown, Las Vegas NV Donte D. Hines, age 20, Virginia Beach VA Jazzmine Wash, age 23, Long Beach CA Unknown, Kansas City MO Lorenzo Craig, age 25, Huntington WV Jimmy Rickards, age 41, Millsboro DE Todd Callies, age 41, Evansville IN Unknown, Kansas City KS Colin Devlin, age 42, Allentown PA Unknown, Louisville KY Freddy Swiger, Clarksburg WV Eric Big E Santiago, age 26,Interlachen FL Fred Swiger, Clarksburg WV Unknown, Clarksburg WV Unknown, Clarksburg WV homicide domestic dispute domestic dispute homicide homicide homicide homicide pregnantargument homicide suicide homicide suicide homicide
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