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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] IN THE PAST 24 HOURS this many people were shot in the U.S. wounded critical condition DEAD Unknown, Scottsdale AZ *Davion Thompson, age 17,Oklahoma City OK Unknown, Loranger LA Unknown, age 27, Cleveland OH Unknown, Inglewood CA Unknown, Clark County OH Many thanks to and twitter account @GunDeaths for data contributions. Last updated 7/24/2013 10:12PM CST Data excludes police shootings.Times of deaths are estimated based on news reports. child underage 18 source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention And all unreportedvictims of gun violence On a typical day: 30 gun-related murders 162 people wounded byfirearms gun-related suicides 53 Infographic by Darcy Rose Coussens PLEASE NOTE: This data is necessarily incomplete. Curtis L. Schaver, age 51, Kansas City KS Dontrell Hanyard, age 21, Indianapolis IN Michael Hopkins, age 29, Cincinnati OH Marcus Wharwood,age 29, Queens NY Unknown, age 28, Houston TX (that we know of) domestic disagreement homicide suicide argument suicide homicide argument argument suicide Unknown, Scottsdale AZ Unknown, age 60, Pacific Palisades Robin Boyer, age 22, Turlock CA Olivia Brown, age 25, Harlem NY REST IN PEACE Marvin Amerson, 51, Memphis TN Lydell Hartford Jr., age 20, Waggaman LA Unknown, Oakland CA Abraham Felmley, age 32, Huntington Beach CA Unknown, Huntington Beach CA Carl L. Blackman, age 31, Chicago IL Timothy Lamount James, age 36, Lubbock TX Karen Louise Shahan, age 52, Homewood AL Rasheen Jones, age 31, Trenton NJ Unknown, Alexandria VA accident Many shootings go unreported or are not reported in time for this daily summary. Cory Bridgeman, age 29, Chicago IL *Jason Foster, age 17, Little Rock AR Unknown, age 30, Gadsden AL Unknown, age 66Oakland CA Jeffrey "Jethro" Pettigrew,Reno NV Tyrone Hart, age 18, Chicago IL
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