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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to change this header text! White Tail Deer What they eat tap and hold to change this header text! White tail deer eat vegetation such as grass,leaves,shrubs,and berries Where they live Wite tail deer live mostly on the eastern side of the U.S. Although they also live in the midwest some but the eastern side of the U.S. Is most densely populated by mule deer. White tails have a layer of soft brown fur to keep them warm in the winter. They have antlers to protect them from predators. Deer have an extremely good sense of hearing and can hear predators from up to 100 yards away. If they hear a predator the deer bounces away instead of running so as to confuse the predator. If they get to close the deer can run up to 40 miles per hour and jump up to 30 feet! A pregnant doe is able to abort the unborn fawn in order to survive. Also deer are most active early in the morning and late at night just before sunrise and sunset to keep from being seen. A white tailed deer is in the cervidae family along with elk moose and mule deer. Deer are in the mammalia class. The main predator of white tails are coyotes. White tails mate heavily in one point in the year around september and november this time is called the rut. During this time the male,frantically searches for a doe to mate with. When a buck finds a doe he claims her and mates if there is already a buck with the doe the larger buck will usually intimidate the smaller buck into leaving but sometimes they cannot and the two deer will fight. When a baby deer is born it is called a faun and has white spots on its fur. The faun usualy stays with is mother for about a year until it is old enough to take care of itself and the mother is ready to reproduce again.
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