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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHO: U.S. Attorney General A. Mitchell PalmerWHAT: Raids ravaged organization, companies, etc. looking for communist spies searching for American Government information.WHY: Fear of that communism would take over AmericaCONNECTION:Congress overstepped Constitutional boundaries (search and seizure without a warrant) with good intentions (to rid the country of potential communism). Too much of a good thing occurred. The same can be said of white chocolate. Too much upsets the stomach andruins the delectable taste. IMPACT: Set a precedent for the future of the Red Scare and is a historic example of racial discrimination (most raids were against Russian immigrants). This can also be seen in today's 9/11 Muslim discrimination and terrorist attacks. WHO: President Franklin Roosevelt WHAT: stimulated the economy with various programs and acts collectively known as the New Deal. WHY: U.S. experiencing economic depression and needed stimulation. Many citizens out of work. CONNECTION: Some acts declared unconstitutional (NIRA and AAA) but were instituted with good intentions (economic stimulation and give jobs to the unemployed). Too much of a good thing occurred. Just as white chocolate is rich and decadent, too much of it is overpowering and causes an upset stomach. IMPACT: The New Deal made the public much more sensitive to private rights and set a precedent for current economic reform such as the government bailouts and company funding, Solyndra, in the recent Great Recession. PALMER RAIDS: 1919-1920s NEW DEAL: 1933-1939 The Palmer Raids are white chocolate. WHITE CHOCOLATE, THE SWEET DISASTER How white chocolate relates to the Palmer Raids and New Deal of the 1920s and 30s? The New Deal is white chocolate. Danielle Scheeringa
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