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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How does your media product represent particular social groups? My music magazine represents a particular social group, this is the group of people that would most likely buy my product and are my target audience who I thought about all along making the magazine. While trying to represent this social sub culture it was vital to almost reflect them within my work. Therefore when selecting things like models, clothing, colours, form of language etc. it was key to echo the indie social culture.On both my cover page and double page spread the same model is featured, however in the two she is shown very differently. On the front cover she is shown smiling, the photo has a lot of natural warm colours in it, making it very friendly and attractive to look at. The audience will automatically feel that the artist shown is a nice, happy and down to earth person, just like them. All of these qualities are very appealing to a their social group. Meaning they are more likely to pick up this magazine. The photo, of the same girl, inside the magazine gives off a very different atmosphere. The photo is black and white with a lot of darker areas, the clothing is the same, however the background shows a harsher environment. This gives the happy artist shown previously a different edge, this is supported by the article next to it; which talks about the hard life shes lead. As Ive mentioned about the clothing and general style of being, the setting and environment presented on my magazine is vital to representing my chosen target audience. If I dont reflect what my preferred readers like to do/be my magazine will not succeed. This is why, while making the photos for my magazine I tried my hardest to consider the sort of place an indie person would spend time in. The key factor is to stereotype because in every stereotype there is always a hint of truth. And even if my typical reader does not necessarily go by these stereotypes, he will be attracted to them when he or she sees them on a magazine cover.In my photos I used strong clear backgrounds such as a wall with graffiti on it or overlooking a field. I chose these because I thought they fit in well with my chosen social group. Joining with the look and style of my model as well as the house style I was able to reflect and represent the indie social group through my media. WHERE?
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