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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Any age 10 14 15 16 17 18 make a complaint get legal advice open a bank account (with parental consent) talk to a counsellor get a tattoo (with parental consent) buy condoms visit a doctor with a parent or carer be chargedwith a crime visit a doctor or visit Sexual Healthand Family Planning ACT by yourself leave school (with conditions) get a Medicare card get a job (as long as this doesn't affect your education) apply for a Learner driver's licence (L-plates) (15 and 9 months) apply for a Centrelink payment have sex (as long as both people consent) get a prescription for contraceptives (eg birth control pill) open a bank account without parental consent consent to a medical procedure without parental consent get married (with the court's permission) apply for aprovisionaldriver's licence leave school change your name without parental consent get a tattoo without parental consent get married buy alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes enter into a civil partnership vote in elections stand for Parliament sign contracts enter a licensed venue (pub, club, etc) make a will enter a casino or gamble be sent to an adult prison This information comes from Youth Law Matters, a Legal Aid ACT publicationthat can be accessed at law is always changing. This is just a guide. HOW OLD DO I HAVE TO BE IN THE ACT?
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