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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 what we do at The greatest gift is the gift of learning EducationalEquipment Training & Workshops OUR VISION To improve the quality of teaching, learning and development of young children in our communities. Feeding Schemes Adopt a Child's Education We aim to ensurethat preschoolersare educated in safe and secureschool premises. Numeracy & Literacy We have two excellenteducation programmes which teach numeracyand literacy in eachchild's mother-tongue. Knysna Education Trust is a registered non-profit organisation with the Department of Social Development Registration Number NPO 004-286 / T275/93 21 years of serving disadvantaged preschools36 preschools - 120 teachers - 2000 children Buildings & Upgrades This programme assiststhose most in need byproviding sponsorshipof school fees. double click to change this title text! For some preschoolerstheir school meal is themain meal of their day.Nutritious menus areplanned every week. We source and supplyeducational equipmentto affiliated preschools. Children learn from teachers who are well equipped. We provide certified Early Childhood Development training and workshops as well as weekly visits and mentorship. Knysna Education Trust OUR AIM IS TO:Offer certified FET teacher trainingand establish a model preschool for practical teacher training rotations. Maximise the first 1000 days ofdevelopment in a child's life through practical caregiver training and to educate parents to support theyoung child's development at home.
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