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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Whenever Bonnie (the mom) comes onto the screen, the proximity of the camera to Bonnie is usually a close shot of her fromher waist up. These shots feature Bonnietaking up a lot of the screen and tries tomake the audience feel as if she's a bigburden, a large weight. In a way, it makesthe audience feel claustrophobic, which isusually what a person under a whole lot ofpressure and burden usually feels. They would feel as if they were buried under alarge and closed-in, not being able to get out from under it. CAMERA PROXIMITY Gilbert Arnie MISE EN SCENE The mise en scene in this movie is very clustered.Everytime the narrative jumps back to the house, paraphernalia is seen in bunches everywhere. The house is weighed down by all these things in there,and in a way, that represents the situation that GIlbertis in. Bonnie couldn't and still can't quite let go of herhusband's death so she hasn't left the house in 7 years.Gilbert can't let go of it either; he couldn't go into thebasement where his dad committed suicide until lateron in the film, when he'd finally let go. So when they finallylet go and decide to move on, they show a scene with them moving their things out and show one particular shotin which the house is practically empty with Gilbert and Arniestanding in the middle of the big empty house. Again, this reflects the situation Gilbert is in; he's finally let go and let his walls come down, which is why the weight and the burdenisn't there anymore. WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE FILM ANALYSIS CAMERA PROXIMITY In this scene, the camera showsa long shot of Becky and Gilbertsleeping outside. The land their sleeping on is surrounded bywater and very close to being flooded by water. This representsthe bubble that Gilbert and Beckyare in. The water surrounding themmakes it seem like they are on anisland, isolated from the rest ofthe world.
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