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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 When a baby is fiercely shaken back and forth, the baby's brain , and body may become injured.Injuries will include broken blood vessels feeding the brain, these vessels can become torn, leading to bleeding around the brain, blood vessels can also break in the back of the eyes, causing red eyes. Broken limbs, Injuries can resemble whip lash. This abuse often occurs when a parent, or guardian becomes upset or angry over the baby continually crying. Long term effects of shaken baby syndrome. Prognosis*Cerebral palsy*Learning disabilities*Seizures*Intellectual Disabilities Shaken Baby Syndrome What is shaken baby syndrome? Signs and Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrom Shaken Baby Syndrome - Treatment Overview *Admitted to hospital for observation and treatment.*Closely monitored for brain swelling, stroke, seizures.*May be given anticonvulsant.*Treatment for any broken bones.*Treatment for cuts.*Specialist may be called in, for example, neurologist, social services, physical therapist, and counselors.*Police maybe call. The Period of PURPLE Crying a prevention programto educate parents and caregivers about normal infant crying. It also teaches ways to preventShaken Baby Syndrome. (Adam Miconi, 2014) Signs and symptoms of shaken baby syndrome.*Irritability*Sluggishness*Seizures *Decreased Appetite*Dilated Pupils*Difficulty Breathing*Vomiting*Brain damage*Blood spots on the brain*Head or forehead appears larger than usual or soft-spot on head appears to be bulging *Poor muscles tone*Coma (, 2014)
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