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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHAT IS PAY TO CLICK (PTC)? WHAT IS PAY TO CLICK (PTC)? The easiest and longest running best money making program without or little investment. Online business model that draws trafficfrom people aiming to earn money from home. Online business model that draws trafficfrom people aiming to earn money from home. Not an overnight scheme in getting rich onlinebut they can bring a large sum of money in the long run.From a dollar or two in a month to thousands of dollars in a day. Only requires the following: Less skills to work Working computer with stable internet connection A fraction of your time How does it works? How does it works? Advertisers pay for displaying ads on the PTC websiteto generate income for their business. A part of the payment goes to viewers (PTC site members)when they view those ads posted by the advertisers. PTC sites additionally offer a commission to its membersfor signing up new members which is similar to affiliate marketing. They also pay members a percentage of the clicks that the member's referrals make as an ongoing commission. IN SHORT! IN SHORT! You earn money online just by viewing advertisments Watch out for scams! Watch out for scams! Like any other industry, a whole lot of scam sites are out there that rob you of your time and money. Don't be confused and discouraged like most people, about the minimal payment of PTC. In fact, if you were to spend 1 hour clicking on advertisements worth $0.02, you will earn $1.20. Advertisement usually ranges from 5 sec. to 2 min. and the payment per click is from $0.001 to $0.02. Basically, 1/10 of a cent. PTC sites offers additional ways for you to earn like mini jobs, surveys and offers. And the secret in earning thousands of dollars on PTCis having referrals. You can refer 1000 people and each of them clicked one ad per day, you will be earning $10.00 on a daily basis passively. Think twice if a PTC site offers $1.00 per click since no paying advertiser in their right mind will pay such a large amount for their ads. Do some research first on that PTC site by comparing the paid advertiser amount and the viewer or member commissions. If the member receives more than the advertiser pays, that is totally a scam. YOU ARE THE BOSS! Friendly reminder from
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