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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brutus was talking to Cassius and "fears' Caesar will be king and he must be stopped. Brutus is convinced that Caesar must be killed because it is the best thing for Rome. "He then unto the ladder turns his back." (2.1 26) (3.1 85) Brutus has killed Caesar in frontof the whole Senate because it was the best thing for Rome. Brutus and Cassius were loyal to Rome and fought in battle, but they were getting beat andloosing. From the guilt and remorse of killing his friend Caesar,Brutus decided to kill himself. Antony has always been atCaesar's side, and he too was a loyal friend."When Caesar says 'Do this,' it is performed." (1.2 12) Antony was not a part of the plan to kill Caesar and had no idea it was taking place. He stayed a loyal friend/ Brutus let Antony speak atCaesar's funeral and let himspeak last. In his speech he convinced the people that what Brutus did was wrong and got everyone on his side. With the help of Octavian, Caesar's nephew, they won the battle against Brutus and Cassius. He had a happy ending. When Caesar was ridingthrough Rome crowds were cheering that he killed Pompey and he was now their leader. Caesar started abusing his power when the soothsayer warned him about the ides of March. Also, when he rejected the crown three times,but wanted to take it and be the king. "Beware the ides of March." (1.2 21) When Caesar got murdered Brutus convinced everyone it was the best thing for Rome and the crowd started cheering for the death of Caesar. What goes around comes around... ...the actions taken place in "Julius Caesar"by the characters will determine what happens to them int he end. Some which are good and others which are not.
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