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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How is geography defined today? The word "geography" was originallya Greek term "geographia", whichliterally means "earth description". Where does geographycome from? The study of the physical features of the earthand its atmosphere, and of human activity as itaffects and is affected by these, including thedistribution of populations and resources andpolitical and economic activities.- Google Dicitonary Who was the firstgeographer? What Exactly IS Geography? The purpose of geography is to provide 'a view ofthe whole' earth by mapping the location of places."- Ptolemy, 150 CE In my opinion, the firstgeographer isEratosthenes. Born in276 BC, he was thefirst geographer toaccurately measure theEarths circumferenceand was also thefounder of scientificchronology. What are the main branchesof geography? PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, which deals withnatural features, and HUMAN GEOGRAPHY,which deals with human activity. How is physical geographystudied in university? ENVIRONMENTAL GEOGRAPHY: aspects ofinteractions between societies and the naturalenvironment.CLIMATOLOGY: the study of climate, includingoceanography and biogeochemistry.GEOMORPHOLOGY: Study of features, originand evolution of the earths surface.PEDOLOGY: Study of soils and its impact onnatural environment.HYDROLOGY: Study of distribution, movementand quality of water on Earth. A portrait of Eratosthenes. How is human geographystudied in university? ANIMAL GEOGRAPHY: Human and animalrelations with the environmentSPATIAL ANALYSIS: The study of analyticapproaches and topological, geometric, orgeographic properties.CRITICAL GEOGRAPHY: The study an analysis of geography using critical theory.BEHAVIOURAL GEOGRAPHY: The studywhich focuses on spatial reasoning, decisionmaking and behaviorPSYCHOGEOGRAPHY: an approach togeography which emphasizes playfulness and"drifting" around urban environments. The human geography of Hong Kong. Faith LeeGeography 8.4
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