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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HARD WORKER 100 % happy customers is in the heart of our strategy,following which, over 90 % of the unhappy customers who wrote us emails or messages have been satisfied and finished the conversation by "Thank you" I am currently managing functionnally 5 Store Managersand over 20 different external suppliers I have written and implemented the Communication and Customer Servicestrategies of the country for its opening Leadership Being part of an international team even at home, I am able to find the right approach in order to obtain, regardless of the person's nationality, state of mind, principles and beliefs. What does it imply? As I am doing several different jobs, efficiency is a must.Synthetic, goal-oriented and a team-player, I try to find simple solutionsthat everyone is happy with Communication skills Customer-oriented Strategist Efficient & Creative Adaptive Functional Management I am currently leading a great team of 4 people I am part in 3 different international teams and I am a strong player in uniting the countries to reach goals and to obtain results I volunteer to organize Team Building Events The stores - the customers of my service, are happy with my work I work with the Store Managers to help them write their communication strategy Everything changes constantly, we live in a world that evolves hourly, so we need to keep track and adapt our policies and strategies, our behaviors and habits if we want to be at the top. QuickLearner TeamPlayer
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