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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Internet safety I learned that peopleshouldn't give awaypersonal information.I also learned that ifyou give away toomuch information, youcould get found. If youget found,people couldbe mean to you. Cyberbullying I learned that alot of people getcyberbullied in this country. Thistype of bullying could lead to physical bullying.People could endup going insane by this. your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] I learned that coding canactually be fun. I learnedhow to make Elsa skatevery fast and for a longtime too. I also made a game that was hard to make. Code Google Earth In Google Earth, I learned how to findmy house without searching it up inthe directions box. I also learned howto find my gram's house. I also foundmy friend's house and the Wellingtonpublic library. Keybording In keyboarding, I learnedhow to type without lookingat my fingers to type. I alsolearned how to type fasterthan I used to. I also learnedhow to use Nitro Type, thathas word skipping, but thereare only 3 of those NitroType is hard because youtype with other people. What I learned in Web 2.0 That is a lot of stuff that tellswhat I learned in Web 2.0. Iwill use this in real life byteaching my gram how touse a computer if she wants to. I will alsohelp my parents with stuffthat is hard that I learned.I will even teach my stepbrother how to keyboard.I might keyboard when thisclass is over. I will try to teachmy grandpa how to use acomputer if he wants. Summery
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