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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What I Learned First Semester In my first semester, I learned the importance between a Persuasive and an Argumentative essay. Although both types of essays are effective, both arecompletely different types of writing. While a Persuasive essay's goal is to havethe audience favor your side, an Argumentative essay's main goal is to simplyacknowledge a problem without neccessary being biased to one side. ! In my first semester, I learned about the transitional pattern of a Hero's Journey."A Hero's Journey" is a pattern most heroes must follow in order to achieve their goal or given task. All heroes are called to an adventure in which they must cross a threshold to a world that is not familiar to him / her. The hero later returns with a reward he earns for himself or for him to give to. In my first semester, I learned about a tragic hero andall the characteristics he /she has embodied. A tragichero must be born a noble birth or have a noble statusin his world. A dramatic downfall is what the tragic hero must endure and if not, that same downfall leads to his / her death. In my first semester, I learned about Aristotle's principles of a tragic hero. In his definition, a tragic hero must encounter a dramatic fall that is destined or due totheir fate. The hero's fall is caused by his / her fatal flaw.The audience experiences a form of pity for the tragic herowho loses all his power or status.
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