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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources What ExactlyIsGeography? 'gē'Earth 'graphein'Describe Eratosthen es Thales Who was the first geographer? Where does geography come from? Wang On Yuen How is Geography defined today? to connect the general with the special through measurement, mapping, and regional emphasis. -von Humboldt Herodotus - Separated Earth into climate zones - Died 2209 years ago (194 BCE) - Discovered Earth's circumference provide a view of the whole world by mapping the location of places. -Ptolemy - Invented the word 'geography' Main branches of geography A Comparison Both state that geography provides a whole, general view of the world and its places. The former views geographyas more of an overview of the world, the latterdescribes it as specific processes. The study of Earth, its physical characteristics, its relationship with human history and life, the separation of regions, and the distribution ofpeople and resources. Geography can be broadly divided intotwo main branches, physical and human. The branch of geography dealing with natural features Physical Geography The branch of geography dealingwith how human activity affects or isinfluenced by the earth's surface. Greek Origin My View Geo + graphy How is Geography Studied at University? Human Geography GeomorphologyHydrologyGlaciologyBiogeographyClimatology Earth's surfaceEarth's waterGlaciers and ice sheetsDistribution of speciesClimate and weather CultureEconomic Historical PoliticalPopulation Cultural practices Economic relations Human interaction Political interaction Population distribution Human Geography Physical Geography What does life as a Geographer look like? Geography teacherTown plannerEnvironmental consultantTravel agentWeather analyst Teach at schoolsPlan city layoutPollution assessmentPlan travel locations and detailsAnalyse and forecast weather I'd like to be... a town planner,as I find ita fascinatingidea to set outbuildings in a city.
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