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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 where doesgeo come from? How is Geo Defined today? Geo is actuallyGreek, meaning Earth. Geography is actually split intotwo parts The field of geography is very vast, and it's a wondrous academic field. There'sa branch of geography for just aboutany subject on Earth. There are thousandsof researchers working on dozens of different geography fields. Graphy means'to describe' God created war so americanswould learn geo FirstGeographer? GEOGRAPHY Eratostheneswas the first Eratosthenes wasconsidered the firstgeographer because he invented the word'geography' and he wasable to calculate the circumference of theEarth, because he hada small-scale notionof the planet Main branchesof Geo? - Human Geography: - Geopolitics - Urban Geography - Religion Geography - Economic Geography - Physical Geography: - Climatology - Oceanography - Palaeogeography - Biogeography How is Geo StudiedAt school? There will be lectures,seminars, and fieldwork, often includingextended trips to different locations. Asgeography is such a broad subject, studentsusually have the opportunity to choosefrom a wide varietyof modules. Geographers study the earth and it's land, features, and inhabitants. Theyalso examine phenomena such as politicalstructures as they relate to geography. Theystudy the physical and human geographiccharacteristics of a region, ranging in scale from local to global. What does life as a geographer look like? Bibliography on doc. Hannah G. (08.4)
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