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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Are School Lunches Like In European Countries? In Ukraine nearly everything is steamed,minus sausages. Lunches consist of threecourses and a drink; borsch, a traditional soup,sausage, and a pancake. It's typically around$2, and is made from fresh ingredients.However, in some Western regions, the kidsare rarely given meat, dairy, eggs, or anythingfried, whereas in some Eastern regions, kidscan pay to have a biscuit of juice in theirbreak times. In Norway, schools don't provide food.In a typical lunch, there's a sandwichthat consists of one slice of bread witha thin layer of spread, perhaps ham orcheese with cucumber or paprika.Along with an apple or carrots on the side.Norway has too short of time for lunchwith about a third of schools getting less than15 minutes to eat. Since there wasn'tenough time to eat, people chosethings that are higher in fat and sugar. In England, people eat vegetable chiliwith rice and fresh broccoli, spongecake with custard, and a banana, butmany people bring a packed lunchcontaining sandwiches, crisps, and apple,and a drink. There's a controversy overa school in England fingerprinting studentsin the lunch line to monitor their diets.The parents are worried about their privacyand are against it. In Switzerland, lunches are found tobe lacking in proteins and fats. Alarge amount of students go hometo eat, but lunches are an hour long.It's served with silverware and clothnapkins, all put out beforehand, andkids keep a toothbrush with them sothat when they're finished, they canbrush their teeth. The kids then haveto wash the tables, dishes, and sweepthe floors to teach them domestic habitsat an early age, which some people arestrictly against. In Italy they use organic ingredientsand teach kids about sustainableand healthy living and farming.Most foods are grown around thearea and are made at the schools.The daily meal is a rice or pasta dishwith a salad in a different course.Meat is only served a few times a week,and is served in small portions. Becausein Italy, there's a high amount of carbconsumption, there's a higher obesityproportion in kids compared to the US.
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