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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Springfield Public SchoolsWestport Middle School LUNCH STATUS2012-2014*Free:81-82%*Reduced:5-8%*Full Pay:11-13% DEMOGRAPHICS(2012-2014):Black:15-16%White:79-80%Hispanic/Latino:4%Am. Indian:1%Asian: 1% Annual Performance Report Data2012 71.4% Points Earned:Problem Areas: Std.1 ELA, Std.2 ELA/Sci2013 65.7% Points Earned:Problem Areas: ATTENDANCE, Std.1,2 Math/ELA2014 51.4% Points Earned:Problem Areas: Std. 1,2 Science, ELA, ATTENDANCE STAFF CHARACTERISTICSStudent/Teacher Ratios 2012-2014:16:1, 18:1, 17:1Teachers with Advanced Degrees 2012-201468.5%, 65.7%, 73.4% Internet Usage 90% of Millennials 75% of Millennials use social media Why are scores suffering? Today's teachers Westport MS achieved 94 % of the points award for ELA in 2014. Math test results have also steadily declined since 2012. Students are now predominately Below Basic. ATTENDANCE How do we IMPROVE? MPI measures have been on the decline since 2012, and 2014 was the lowest year, in ALL subjects. FACTS:Math/Sci Departments have no SpecialistsMath/Sci Teachers have higher absence ratesApparent that some Math/Sci Teachers lack certification. Westport Middle School'sOpportunities for Improvement Westport Middle School'sOpportunities for Improvement WHY? ACCOMPLISHMENTS Science results have hovered around 275 since 2012. Most students are Below Basic. How do we IMPROVE? Here is whatWe Know: According to COGNOS, CWT data was not posted as frequently as it had been in years past. Could signify disengagement, which could have lead to the environmental dissatisfaction and decreased student interest on the MSIP survey. Mostly Teacher-led learning AND Seatwork Minimal-NO Contribution observed on part of students. ZERO POINTS EARNED ON APR**<75% attend 90% of time. DISCIPLINE. Incidents on the rise. WHY? CONSIDER THIS: 76 Middle schools in MO similar to Westport demographically had 71% of students achieve Proficient/Advanced Status. This is mainly attributed to: What can we CONTROL? Annual Performance Report Data 2012 53% Points EarnedProblem Areas: Sci. Attendance 2013: 50% Points EarnedProblem Areas:Std. 1 Sci, Std. 2: Math/Sci, Attendance 2014: 24% Points EarnedProblem Areas: Std 1/2: Math& Sci, Attendance BASIC
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