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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 35% 35% In Western Europe they used knights to defend their land. King Vassels Knights Serfs Economic Political Social In western Europe they used classes, these were considered political andsocial classes. The manors was the lords estate. There was a system based on the rights and obligationsbetween a lord and its serfs Back during the middle ages they used guilds.Guilds are a group of tradesmen who gather together to talk about their business. Some of the jobs they had in western Europewere artists, barbers (could also serve as dentists, surgeons, and blood-letters.), candle maker,fletcher (crafted and manufactured bows andthe flights of arrows.), jester, and much more.. manor life wasnt exactly the easiest during the middle ages. Peasants had to pay high pricesto live on the lords land. There was tax on all grain.Avoiding taxes was a crime. Western Europe had used a feudal government back in times. Feudalism is a political system in whichland is exchanged for protection between kings and nobles. Around this time there were no civilized governments.Kings were the rulers of the feudal society Western Europe marriage was taxed and needed lords consent. Paid church tax or tithe. Lived in small quarters with dirt floors. And average life expectancy was 35 years. The village church. The church held religious services and public meetings. The peasant cottages. the mill, the peasants crafts, which were gardens owned by peasants. Vassels were wealthy landowners such as nobles and bishops Knights were the men to mounted horsemen who pledged to defend their lords lands in exchange for fiefs. Serfs were people who could not lawfully leave the place where they were born. Though band to the land, serfs were not slaves. Their lords could not sell or buy them. Their labor belonged to the lord. There were parts of the manor. There was the manor house. The manor house was the dwelling of the lord and his familyand servants.
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