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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Consultation Summary Key project stakeholders - Community sports clubs and associations- Project steering committee- Elected Members and staff of the Cities of Charles Sturt, Port Adelaide Enfield and West Torrens; Adelaide Shores;- Office for Recreation and Sport- State sporting bodies- Schools (public and independent)- Churches- Department for Education and- Child Development- Sport SA- Local Government Association Methods of consultation - face to face interviews- workshops - online surveys Key reasons suggested for membershipdecline in clubs and associations - increasing cost of participation- declining condition and or lack of facilities available - competition from other clubs/sports/interest groups. Key online survey stats: - improvements made to facilities - strong management practices- focussing on organisational recruitment/marketing- general increases in participation rate due to wider social trends - nearly one quarter of clubs/organisations did not have a strategic plan in place- half the respondents indicated the facilities their club/organisation uses does not meet current and/ or future needs- 7 out of 10 state sporting associations rated the ability of the current sporting facilities in the Western Adelaide region to meet their sports needs as very good, good or satisfactory- just under half of clubs/organisations utilise two or more facilities, nearly one quarter utilise three or more facilities and almost one in ten use 5 or more facilities.- 69% of organisation operated all year round, 18% only operate in winter and 13% only operate in summer. Western Adelaide Region - condition of facilities - parking provision- functionality of facilities Key reasons suggested for membershipgrowth in clubs and associations Facilities aspects thatrated poorly Facilities aspects thatrated well - condition of playing surfaces - functionality of playing surfaces - current tenure arrangements
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