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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Western World View National identity and citizenship began to develop the renaissance -- sociatys became moreurban, power was shiftingto city's instead of rural ideas.Monarchs supported the growthof the cities by improving trade lawsand taking down trade barriers.--Citizens developed ne ideas of belonging to a state as well as tothere community, recognizing suchcommon elements as language,religion, and beliefs in what lifeshould be like.-- Ground power was introduced from china,which changed the nature of the battlesbetween monarchs and nobles who ownedfeudal properties. Monarchs used taxesfrom the cities to purchase ground powerto hire a mercenary soldiers, which gainedcontrol of the nobles land and formed increasinglylarger states. How the age of exploration began --Each had an Atlantic coast which put them in a great position to explore unknown parts of the world--The monarchs of these countries financed the overseas exploration hoping to establish independent connectionswith the far east.-- The new ships designs, navigation tools, and navigational information the gatheredenabled explorers to sail to the new world and other far off places.New values favouring exploration, increase in consumerism, and accumulation ofof wealth, fueled the race to find new trade routes. Portugal and Spain wereespecially anxious to find new trade routes to the east. There willingness to fund largeexpeditions provided to motivation for wealthy merchants to do the same.England and France joined the race to the new world after hearing about the greatwealth being accumulated by Portugal and Spain.
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