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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to change this title text! tap and hold to change this title text! Intellectual Occupational Social Spiritual Emotional The occupational branch focuses on being content withyour work. With this path you'll be able your unique gifts, skills and talents to your job. It is better to choose a career that interests you than one you do not care for. It is also better to be involved and gain useful skills than remain inactive. tap and hold to change this header text! tap and hold to change this header text! Physical The physical branch will involve regular physical exercise, eating and drinking healthy and steering clear of any type of drug or excessive alcohol. While traveling this path you will build physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. You will know to check your vital signs and give yourself and others basic medical care. The Six Dimensions of Wellness In the social branch, you will contribute more to your community and become a more selfless person. It encourages living in peace with those around you and knowing how your actions affect those around you The intellectual branch emphasizes enhancing ones knowledge and skills while being able to share it with others. You will enjoy learning and challenge your mind and creativity. You will be able to identify problems, and choose from a number of answers. The spiritual branch revolves around searching for a deeper meaning of life and the human existence. This path will be rough but you will develop a deep appreciation of the forces acting around you. It will bring meaning to your existence. The emotional branch highlights being positive about your life and enthused to work with others. You will be able to express your feelings and deal well with stress. You will build relationships with other based on trust and take responsibility for your actions.
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