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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] The Road of Education In the short 5 years that I have been out of education the changes have been significant.From using Standards based learning, tothe introduction of new technologies, education has changed immensely. The Question is, was it all for the better? The analogy of the river is a perfect fit to teaching. The minute we left high school it was never going to be the same again. Like theriver everything has changed from the students to the staff. If we are to successfullywork in these ever changing environments we tomust learn how to change our instruction. It is only by embracing new means of technology thatwe can begin to better our students and their education. When I begin to think about collectives I see how I have alwayswanted to run my class. While I don't necessarily believe in using a classroomblog, I do hope to have discussions in class that will serve a similiar purpose. By using them students can takeownership of their own learning while actively participating. Since change is necessary I could see a use for a classroom discusion board, but I wouldnot have it take the place of the old fashion way of just talking. In this new era of teaching we must do much more than simply transfer knowledge. Forstudents to truly understand a concept they need to experience it. Technology can be a huge asset in this goal. Thinking about historyin particular we can see how valuable it can be. For example when I learned about theOregon Trail we played the computersimulation. By doing so we learned how hopeless the situation was. As teachers we can also use historically accurate novelssuch as the "Jungle" to do the same trick. We must simply always be innovative! In the video the man lays out an organizer that list the steps of using technology. The final step is where you make somethingentirely new using technology. Of all the things we learned about it was thisthat I had a problem with. Embracing the use of technology in the classroom is important, but it doesn't have to overhaula system. I believe that while embracingthe new we can't forget the old. The landscape of education is quickly changing. While we as teachersmust embrace it, we cannot be blindedby it either. To do this we must alwaysdecide between what is truly usefuland what is getting in the way. If we can't, it will be our students whosuffer.
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