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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Web 2.0 Technology Learning Environments 1.The Benefits of Online Education The babyboomers learning environment In a Classroom with books Teacher in front of the class working from a chaukboard Organized studentparticipation Virtual learning environments and the technology used to stay connected Tweet to your teachersand peers Use skype to connect to educational experts Use online coaching platforms 3.Why analyze online technology for learning? 30% 51% lacking adequate support for technology 4.Technology used for virtual learning Benefits 7.The benefits of blended learning -Increased student retention-Increased student satisfaction -Increased student engagement -Increased class GPA(Moduel 3: Interactive lecture, n.d) Conclusion (References Provided) Infograph by Teachers Plus | | December 2014 2.Today's learning environment Online student enrollments have continued to grow at rates far in excess of the total higher education student population (Conway, Hachey, Wladis, 2012) *Source: "Technology Use in the Classroom - Benefits & Barriers April 2014" digedu Learning environments is regarded as the ensemble of the intellectual, social, and physical environmentswhere students develop and learn. The learningenvironment supports the students development into an independent and active learner(Soobik, 2013) FacebookLinkedIn YoutubeWiki'sBlogsWebsitesDiscussion boards Blended learning is a combination of face-to-face and online teaching, there are benefits to blendedlearning let us take a close look. (Moduele 3: Interactive lecture, n.d) 6. Blended learning as an approach for online learning The education system must be changedso that it is flexible to meet the needs of all students regardless of location, economic- status, social status, or gender.(Ally, Samaka, 2013) 5.Flexable learning for the various lifestyles As the world becomes more digitized, there will be an increasing need to make available learning resources In electronic format for access by information and communication technologies (Ally, Samaka, 2013) 97% of students takeat least one classonline(Conway, Hachey, Wladis, 2012) of community colleges offer online courses(Conway, Hachey, Wladis, 2012) Technology is changing the world. Courses that utilizesocial media force students to be self-starters and enhance creativity. Lastly, using social media to learn forces studentsto find ways to connect with each other for a enhanced learning experience (Friedman, Friedman, 2013)
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