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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Saturday, November 22, 2014Mackay Stadium, Reno, NV7:30 p.m. PT, TV: ESPNUGame line: Nevada (-6.5) Air Force at SDSU (-6) SJSU at Utah St (-14) New Mex. at Colo St (-21.5) Boise St (-12) at Wyoming Fresno St at Nevada (-7)UNLV at Hawaii (-10) What others are saying We here at Mountain West Connection are biasedagainst your team. Doesn't matter if they are inthe MWC or not. Whoever it is, we hate. But we also love every MWC team as well. Therefore, to confirm our complete our bias against your team,we created this handy-dandy t-shirt. To stay completely neutral, I might have to wear it to theMWC Championship game. It's only $19.99 so you can buy it and be biased against others. The store is called Rebelbilia, but it might as well be called "We Sell Nothing But Awesome Things."This is the same company who SOLD OUT of the"Never Forget" jacket similar to the one BrandonFlowers wore at the Final Four game. This shirt is called "One Team, One Goal" reminding RebelFans that championships are won by teams, notindividuals. Limited Quantity (only 60 last Ichecked), so buy yours now! double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Blake Jurich, QB, San Jose State -- With Joe Gray more than likely out against UtahState on Friday night, this gives Jurich achance to shine in the starting role he gave up back on Sept. 20. Marteze Waller/Josh Quezada -- With FresnoState quarterback situation ot at all consistentthis year, the Bulldogs will need these torunning backs to combine for at the very least175 yards to beat Nevada Air Force rush defense -- San Diego State'smain weapon is running back Donnel Pumphrey,so the the Falcons are going to keep on winningthey need to limit Pumphrey to under 125 yardsif they are going to top the Aztecs. Let's just go to reader Loque's fanpost:"Nevada: 45.31% chance at division titleIf Nevada wins out, they're in the championship game. Should they win against Fresno and lose to UNLV, they still have a fairly good chance via tie-breakers to be division champion.Should they lose to Fresno, they only have one chance to make the title game: Beat UNLV, San Diego must lose out, and Hawaii must win out. ...Fresno State: 39.06% chance at division titleJust like Nevada, all Fresno has to do is win out to reach the championship game. However, there is NO scenario where they can get in if they lose to Nevada this Saturday." 'Tis the season to be ugly! No I'm not talkingabout Bob Toledo's offense, I'm talking aboutSDSU's fantastic ugly sweaters available 100% cotton, 300% hideous.Put this into better perspective: you were notgoing to spend $25 on anything else useful, you might as well have one ugly sweater inyour closet that you can embarrass thefamily with.
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