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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website Navigation The Fundamentals of Website Navigation and Tips Most websites have horizontal navigation, usually below the title of the page. The horizontal navigation is a list of links to other pages from the website, and mayvary from page to page. In addition websites may have links attached to images, or otherwise have plain links that take you to various websites or pages. These links appear in blue and sometimesoother colors, though blue is the main color to look for. Most websites also have a sidebar. A sidebar is a column on the left or right of a page that has a list of links that takes you to other pages of a website. The horizontal navigation generally lists links that are more relavent to the page that you are currently on, if the website is large and has more pages than can be listed. Horizontal Navigation, Sidebars, and Links The Search Bar The search bar is a tool found on most websites, and is very helpful when looking for somethingspecific on a large website. The seach bar is usually at the top of a page, and it sometimes has a magnifying glass icon on it's right hand side, with the words "search this site" to the bar's right, orthe word "search" in the bar. Make sure to use the search bar when looking for a specific page ortopic on larger websites. The Scroll Bar This is a feature found on almost every website. The scroll bar is a bar found on the bottom and right side of a page that indicates that the page has more information than currently shown on your screen.To "scroll" on a chromebook, simply use two fingers on the touchpad and move them in the direction youwant to scroll. Alternatively, you can scroll using the four arrow keys found at the bottom right of the keypad, or you can drag your mouse to the scroll bar and drag the mouse either up or down, or left or right.
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