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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Web 2.0 double click to change this title text! In Web 2.0 we have done many fun things i would like to try onmy own time, although i will tell you the 5 ones i really like. One of my most favorites is Nitro type! In Nitro type i get to test mytyping speed with other playersand also i get to race with friendsand see how fast they can typeagainst how fast i can type. My second favorite is google earth Google Earth is my second favorite because i can goanywhere in the world were i have always wanted to go. Also i got todo a tour and take people to a bunch of stadiums football stadiums to be exact. My third favorite is Sketch-up I really liked Sketch-up becauseyou could make 3-D things like a house or a robot. But mostly anything you set your mind to. My fourth favorite is Internet safety which has cyber bullying! I really should take seriouslybecause it is no laughing matterit is something that can get you into a lot of trouble. My final favorite is code This i think is fun because youget to use the knowledge withcoordinates. 5 sentence paragraph My quarter has been great with Mr Krick as my Web teacher he has showed me a lot of coolthings like Internet safety, cyber bullying, coding, Google Earth, Google sketch-up, and keyboarding.I really enjoyed being in class and i have had a lot of fun with all these things this semester has went by really fast and it makes me happyand kind of sad because i have to leave this fun class. In this class we have done so many things that i did not know about until now. WhenI was doing all these things i actually enjoyed them except for the internet safety that was not fun but it was important. Concluding thisparagraph i would like to take this class again because it was so fun.
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